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Welcome giggly’s…

Thank you for visiting, it is super easy to work from home, or work at home making gobs of money along the way.  Our challenge is keeping you happy, one thing we would like to mention is you can post as many postings as you would like, currently there is no limit…so…Get giggly….. Other micro gig sites set limits on the amount of postings you can actually list, we think that sucks.  We truly believe this option is perfect for people to start their own start up business using us as a platform.  Now then, yes, we are new to the game but not to business, we have many other successful sites. We know what works and we know it will work for you!  Remember, we are a friendly platform and have modeled our work from home or work at home from the best on the internet.  We have relaxed rules, so you don’t have to be worried about being banned for minor dumb reasons.  Most of the micro gig sites on the internet get all up in arms over minor issues and are quick to ban their sellers and or buyers for little or no reason..

Well, you will not find the same with us, we are willing to help you make your business come alive with us.  You may notice, while we are new, all of our postings are good and real.  One comment we see often is a lot of micro gig sites are filled with bogus listings and we certainly understand why.  It is sometimes difficult to get people to post their gigs, seeing there are few postings all together, we can honestly say ours are all real.  However, if you think about it, if you decide to post you will surely be in on the ground floor and we certainly will reward you over time for being one of the first to believe in us and supporting our business as well.

1) We have all the answers..

If you are looking to get your questions answered in a giggly quick second, look no further than right here on Here we have a wide variety of questions already answered for quick reference. If you still can’t find the answer you need, no problem. Feel free to contact our support team, we will always be here for you.

 2) Pick The Correct Category

When submitting a posting please select the right category which describes your business, talent or services.  In this way, you will get better search results and people will be able to look you up with ease.  Remember, by doing this  you are paving the way for your customers, guests and or clients to find you.  If you category is not listed, no worries, please hit us back and we will enter it for you or if you have any suggestions we can do that too.

3) Multiple Postings

If you post multiple postings, please change the picture and or image on each posting and make sure all postings do not say the same thing over and over, that is no fun and you potential customers will run off.

4) Mutual Cancellations

Guess what else… mutual cancellations can be done without Customer Support. You can do it yourself and it still won’t affect your ratings.

All of this said, the most important thing to our team is you – our community.

The highest priority is to answer your concerns. We are taking several measures to improve response time and continue to handle your requests in a timely manner. Thank you for the patience and understanding while we tweak to make things run that much better for you.  Get giggly….

3 thoughts on “Work From Home

  1. Kazi Mithila says:

    welcome Giggly…….. i am very happy to join it. I think that it’s will be a large freelancing micro jobs site in the world. i wish it. thanks all.

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