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Micro Gigs on Twitter

Micro gigs on Twitter have become increasingly popular as most Twitter followers have taken advantage of networking and peddling their micro gigs.  Twitter has been a viable platform for many entrepreneurs who are slinging their biz over the internet.  These same entrepreneurs are the same people who are successful in life as they push forward looking for websites such as to boast their biz abroad.  We have people on our site from all over the world who have posted some really great micro gigs.  We would invite you not to give up and post your micro gig so people can see it on the internet.  Even if you have no buyers, they will soon come it is a matter of time and you will see people will follow you and watch your micro gigs.  Please take our suggestion and post as many as you would like.  If you have video, you can post them with ease…we even invite you to place your URL to your website, email and or phone number we want you to succeed.  We are not like some of the other micro gigs sites who try and oppress your biz…we are in favor of you…we want you to succeed.

Our suggestion is you take advantage of Twitter, you can sign  up free at and every other social media site such as Facebook, you can sign up for for free and post all your micro gigs daily. We strongly suggest you use these social networks to build your clientele, it really works well when you are trying to attract new business.  As far as Twitter goes, we are very active on Twitter and have gained major customers, sellers and buyers from Twitter on a daily basis.  We will blast out your postings on Twitter and help you attract viable buyers for your postings.  We do it all manually, meaning we have someone sit there and do it by hand, we do not use a software program.  Software programs who do automatic tweets on Twitter are prohibited and do not work and if Twitter finds out they will ban the page.  We are honest people working on a honest platform, so we would expect our members to do  the same.  You see my friends is becoming very popular because we have such easy going rules and we want to see you succeed.   Yes, it may take some time but please check back frequently and post more micro gigs to keep up your customer base.

Please tell your friends about us, after all we are pleased to be your friend and understand there are many platforms out there to choose from.  We are very friendly and truly want to see you succeed with your internet business.  One thing that sets us apart is our video capability and we encourage you to post your videos here with us.  You do not have to place our URL in the video… why would you do that?  It would be better for you to place your own URL in the video to attract business…we want you to succeed…we are not here to hog your customers.  Our intentions are not self serving, yes we will lose business…but if we can make you happy then perhaps you will stay with us and watch our business grow!  Please do not hesitate to contact us via: email whenever you want: .  If you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you …. we are always looking for new innovative ideas and net friendships along the way.  Moreover, if you would like to place our affiliate banner on your site we would be very happy to hear from you.  If you’re looking to the advertise, well we can make you a very special deal so you can have your banner on our site 24/7….just email us and let us know what you are thinking.

Lastly, we would like to thank our veterans for serving the United States and for all of our friends from outside the U.S. we would like to thank you for being our friend and doing business with us.  Without each of you we would not exist and would never had the importunity to meet each of you.  Remember, we encourage each of you to post all your micro gigs with us and post as many videos as you would like.  If you have any questions about social media or if you do not see a button for your media please drop us a line and we will see if we can get it hooked up right away.  If you’re on Twitter and or Facebook please give us a shout out as we do it for the each of you on a regular basis.  We look forward to doing business with you..

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